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Inclusive of the CompliancE-News, you receive value-added research and forms as they are published by The Consortium. The CompliancE-Alerts focus on "how to's" and "best practices." You gain more of The Consortium's insights on the hot topics. This is the most cost effective access to research without paying the price of a compliance consultant. Minimum of one edition per month, sometimes two, three, or more. Price is for annual subscription.


The CompliancE-News is the executive summary of "all the news that made the news." A synopsis of speeches, articles, law updates, regulatory missives, and more - all with links to original source documents.


You will receive via e-mail brief postings of newsworthy items as excerpted from the CompliancE-News. You will also be notified when there is a new Free Resource posted on The Consortium website. These resources may include: basic compliance information, helpful hints, industry commentary, articles published by The Consortium, and more.

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