Information provided by you is held private.

Your information is not sold or given to anyone for commercial purposes without your express consent. (For example, if you ask me to provide a referral for additional services.)

A very limited exception to this policy is for succession planning purposes of The Consortium. Your basic contact information may be shared upon completion of a merger or buyout to the successor company. You may opt out of this information sharing by contacting

Your information will be accessed by The Consortium (including staff and independent contractors) for the purposes of servicing your request.

Your name may be added to The Consortium database for occasional future mailings. The Consortium promises not to send frequent and routine solicitations/advertising.

You may take your name off The Consortium mail list at any time by e-mail to Put “delete from database” or any other text to get your message across. I will hear you!

If you Opt-In for the Free CompliancE-Post, you may unsubscribe at any time using the link on the Free CompliancE-Post page.

Safeguards to protect your nonpublic personal information include shredding papers and destroying electronic media before discarding.

You do not need to call or do anything as a result of this notice. It is meant to inform you of how The Consortium safeguards your nonpublic personal information.