How to start your independent investment advisory firm.
E-Book 100 pages, PDF download

Go to CEO!™ is for:

  • Registered representatives and stockbrokers interested in going independent.
  • Broker/Dealers starting an investment advisory firm.
  • Anyone who wants to manage money or provide financial planning.

It does not matter if your focus is picking stocks, managing portfolios, financial planning, or holistic life planning. This book does not favor anyone type of service or fee structure.

At the very low price of $25, it will get you on the fast-track to starting your multi-million dollar business. Existing advisors will use Go To CEO! to get you back on course.

What will you learn?

  • How to start a new financial services business
  • How to brand and market a new firm
  • How to run the business and stay in compliance with the rules

Go To CEO! chapters include:

  1. Opportunities in the Financial Services Industry
  2. Regulatory Groundwork
  3. Marketing Plan
  4. Getting Your Legal Entity Established
  5. Regulatory Filings
  6. Paperwork: Dot the “i’s” and Cross the “t’s”
  7. Setting Up and Staffing Your Office
  8. Marketing Strategies for Success!
  9. Frequently Asked Questions About Going Independent
  10. Resources

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