Financial institutions (inclusive of RIAs and BDs) must establish a red flags program in accordance with SEC Regulation S-ID. The rule requires firms to create a written Identity Theft Prevention Program (“ITPP”) designed to identify, detect and respond to “red flags” that could indicate identity theft.

The ITPP shall cover:

  • Identifying relevant red flags
  • Detecting red flags
  • Preventing and mitigating (responding to) red flags
  • Updating the Program
  • Administering the Program

The ITPP template is delivered in WORD for your easy customization. It complies with regulatory requirements for both RIAs and BDs.

The Red Flags Rule package includes:

  • ITPP template
  • Red Flags Rule information
  • Red Flags Rule sample policy
  • Red Flags Rule service provider representation
  • Privacy Breach Steps – Internal
  • Privacy Breach Steps Client Checklist
  • Privacy Breach Log
  • Privacy Breach Letter
  • Privacy & Data Security – Tips for Firms
  • ID Theft: What to Do – Tips for Consumers

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