If you do Social Media… do you have a Social Media Policy?

Social media has crossed over into the business realm, creating compliance concerns. This is the latest regulatory hot button for both Registered Investment Advisors and Broker/Dealers. As reported in a recent Reuters article:

“…Not having a social media policy in place – even one prohibiting the use of social media – was the most common violation of industry regulations, according to Amy Sochard, director of advertising regulation at FINRA.”

The 3 main challenges to address are:

  1. advertising rules and standards of communications with the public;
  2. supervision (approval and monitoring)
  3. record keeping

Do you have the most current E-Commerce policies in your Policies & Procedures?

  • Internet (website)
  • E-mail
  • Blogs and Social Media

The complete E-Commerce Policy is delivered in WORD electronically for your easy customization.

The E-Commerce Policy is available here as a stand-alone document or included in the RIA Policies & Procedures and Code of Ethics.

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